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How to find articles, books, census data, images, laws, literary criticism, news, video, and more.

Databases for Literary Criticism

Literary Criticism in Print Books

Although a lot of literary criticism can now be found online, you might occasionally need to use print sources like the ones below.

  • If you are doing research on an older resource, or something that is not well known, there may not be much online criticism.
  • If you are doing really in-depth research on a resource, for example a graduate or senior thesis, you can check these print sources to make sure that you have a more complete record of criticism.
  • If you can only find modern criticism, but are looking for criticism from the time a play or poem came out, these print sources could be a big help. 

We have print sources for literary criticism in poetry, drama, literature, and more! The librarians can help you navigate these print books and find what you are looking for.