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United States Government Documents

Depository Access Policy and Public Information

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This library is a congressionally designated selective depository for U.S. government documents. Public access to government documents is guaranteed by public law (Title 44 U.S.C).

What is a federal depository library?

Finding Depository Libraries

General Information on the Paul Meek Library Depository

Government Documents are publications produced by federal government agencies, published and distributed by the Government Printing Office through the Federal Depository Library Program. As a designated selective depository library, Paul Meek Library has participated in this program since 1957, acquiring, free of charge, selected federal government publications in an array of subject areas, in variety of formats. To address University curricular interests, the collection focuses on the fields of agriculture, business, criminal justice, defense, education, health, and science. In addition to these core subjects, we also receive essential congressional, legislative, regulatory, and statistical materials. Most material is available for circulation, with the exception of those in the Reference collection. Many documents are available in electronic format.