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* How to Find . . .

How to find articles, books, census data, images, laws, literary criticism, news, video, and more.

Find eBooks

We have lots of eBooks that you can access from anywhere!

Find Print Books

We have thousands of print books, as well as digital books and book chapters, all available to you for free!

Physical books are arranged by something called a call number. The call number acts like an address to tell you where the book lives on the shelf. Books are arranged by subject, so  you may find many books about your topic in the same area of the library. See the call number example below, and let us know if you need help reading the call number or finding it on the shelf.

call number example


How to check out your book (or DVD or score):

  1. Take it to the desk by the front doors
  2. Present the book and your Skyhawk Card, and our staff will check out the book to you
  3. For students, books are due 28 days after you check them out, but you can renew them online at any time!
  4. Chat with us to ask for help

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a phenomenal service. If we don't have a book or article at the Paul Meek Library, we can borrow it from another library and get it to you for FREE! Articles usually take 3-5 days, and books take a couple of weeks.