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Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Diversity and Inclusion resources available at the Paul Meek Library and beyond!

Books can be found as ebooks via the links provided or as print items in the Paul Meek Library.  Most books are located on the 2nd floor, but new books are shelved on the 1st floor.  If you have trouble locating a book, please stop by our service desk on the 1st floor for assistance. 

The databases at the top house several articles and other resources that may be of interest.  A selection of specific articles are linked below the databases. Some resources are only available if you're on campus or logged in off campus.  If you have trouble accessing any of these articles, you may use the contact information on this guide's Getting Started page for assistance.  

Religious symbols. Cross for Christianity, Dharma wheel for Buddhism, star and crescent for Islam, Torri gate for Shinto, Yin-Yang for Taoism, Ohm for Hinduism, Star of David for Judaism, Khanda for Sikhism.