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Visual and Theatre Arts

Searching the Catalog

OPAC Subject Headings for Drama, Musical Comedy, etc.

The best term to use when searching for information on theatrical productions is "Drama". Under this subject heading there are over 450 sub-headings, including "History and Criticism". So, if one is seeking general works of criticism or explication, do a Subject search for "Drama." The general subject Drama will appear followed by an alphabetical listing of sub-headings. This list can be scrolled through until the desired subject is located. Click on the desired subject. One or more titles on the subject selected should appear on the result screen. For musicals or musical comedy, do a Subject search for Musicals.

 Locating Texts, Criticism, and Interpretations of Specific Works.
To find materials on a particular play or drama, enter the title of the work as a subject. For example, if the play "Death of a Salesman" is entered a list of books will appear. In this listing there are books containing the text of the play itself and others which are about the play and may include interpretation and criticism. If the complete title of a work is not known, select "Keyword" from the menu and enter a few keywords from the title of the play. This option is good for locating texts, criticism, and interpretations in anthologies. Again, a list of books will appear, some of which will be texts of the play or videos of a stage or movie production. If the author of work is known, select "Author" from the menu and type the author's name, e.g. "Miller, Arthur", and enter. This will bring up a list of works by that author available in the Paul Meek Library. If none of the options above provide the needed information, seek assistance at the Reference Desk.


Reviews and Criticism