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Choice Reviews

Provides information about using CHOICE Reviews online to aid faculty in being part of the collection development process for their discipline.

How to Create Lists or Add to Lists

Create a List

If you wish to create a list of search results, indicate the titles you wish to include in your list by clicking the checkboxes at the upper left of each review.  Please note that to use this feature you need to have created an account. 


                create list

After selecting the titles that you want by marking the checkboxes, then click the "Create a New List" icon at the head of the search results.


name list

You will be asked to name your list, then click Create.  Lists are limited to 200 titles.


Add to an Existing List

To add a work to an existing list, click the checkbox at the upper left of the review.


Mark the checkbox for all titles that you want to add to your list.

add to list

Then click the "Add to List" icon at the head of the search results.


select list

Select the list you want to add the selection to and click Add.