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HIST 499

Primary sources and databases for students in HIST 499. Updated Spring 2022.


Welcome to the Research Guide for HIST 499! This guide serves as a starting point for your research, including primary sources, general databases, and other useful guides, such as citations and plagiarism. 

Feel free to chat with us anytime, and make an appointment with me if you need help finding, using, or evaluating your sources.


  • Start early and give yourself plenty of time
  • Search in multiple databases
  • Primary sources take more time to find and analyze the further back you go
  • Start broad with your search terms
  • Try multiple search terms
  • Narrow by date
  • If you find something that looks good, grab the citation and save it in a way so you can get back to later
  • Most of the primary source collections have zoom and full-screen features to make it easier to navigate
  • Some of the primary source collections below have been recreated in HTML. These are easier to read, but you lose the original format and can't see how the artifact actually looked when it was created. 

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