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News Sources

A guide to news sources, both in print and online, available at Paul Meek Library.

Welcome to News Sources

News Sources can be print or electronic newspapers, radio or television programs, or newswires. While news sources aren't scholarly research sources, they provide a wealth of information about current events and help you in everything from piecing together historical events to determining a marketing plan for a business.  

This guide will help you locate CurrentHistorical, and Popular news available through the Paul Meek Library. News Sources in Research provides you with information on how, when, where, and why to use news sources in research, along with information on citing news. Evaluating News Sources is a basic how-to guide, along with a list of fact-checking services. Fake News and Social Media provides a definition of fake news and related concepts.

News Databases

Regional Newspapers

Information Disorder

seven types of information disorder: satire or parody, false connection, misleading content, false context, imposter content, manipulated content, and false content

how to spot fake news. author, source, date, biases, citations, ask an expert