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News Sources

A guide to news sources, both in print and online, available at Paul Meek Library.

Using News Sources in Research and Careers

News sources can be used to identify current trends in society and politics. These trends and sources can be used in a variety of careers and projects, ranging from public health to technical writing to business. In your class assignments, you may also use news sources for background research, to help inform your topic selection, or future research. 


Politicians and their advisors use trends in the media to craft speeches, identify topics relevant to voters, and decide where to place campaign ads.

Scientists may be able to cultivate public interest in research by collaborating with science reporters. One example of a collaborative effort to improve public science literacy has been developed by The Alda Center with support from Stony Brook School or Journalism. It's just one example of a partnership between journalists and scientists. 

Scholars research the news itself or trends in news consumption/reactions among various audiences. This sort of research may take place in the social sciences, communication, or in the field of psychology. 

Historians use historical news sources to trace origins of events, public views of an event or person through time, and as primary resources to help piece together and analyze the past. They can be great tools to track down even more sources when trying to build a more detailed picture of the past.