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HHP 406

Research tools and strategies for all parts of the research project in Dr. Dasinger's HHP 406. Updated Spring 2021.

Practice your Delivery

At this point in the project, you've done most of the work. You've read, evaluated, synthesized, drafted, and created a complete poster. Now, you get to share what you learned with your classmates! 

Feel free to reach out to a librarian for a practice presentation. We can help you get comfortable with presenting.

  • Write a script
  • Rehearse
  • Practice out loud
  • You want to sound knowledgeable but conversational, not like you are just reading word for word in a monotone
  • Time yourself (most people underestimate how long a presentation takes)
  • Slow down and take a breath
    • You can start and stop in Canvas Studio. Use this to your advantage if you need to collect your thoughts or get a drink of water.
  • Never underestimate the ways "real life" speaking can translate to an online presentation
    • Smile, make eye contact with your camera, wear a professional outfit, whatever makes you feel at your best
    • As a personal anecdote, I went through several video interviews before I got this job at UTMartin. I always wore my favorite professional heels, even though no interviewer would see my full outfit, because it made me feel confident and prepared. 

Presentation Instructions

Poster Presentation in the Library: November 29 and December 1

The purpose of this assignment is to present your “poster” to your peers similar to a conference presentation. For this assignment, you will bring a printed copy of your poster (more details to come closer to the presentation) with you to class on your assigned day and present your findings. Your posters will be hung up around the classroom and your peers (and I) will walk around to learn more and ask questions about your topic. Be prepared to conversationally discuss your topic. At one point during this process, I will visit your poster, and at that time you will present your poster to me.