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Information Literacy

Information Literacy resources for UTM students, staff, and faculty

General Policies for Library Instruction

Some general guidelines for library instruction:

♦ At least one week lead time when requesting sessions better enables librarians to prepare sessions more conducive to student learning, especially in relation to a specific assignment.  Requesting a session earlier also helps you get the time and room you want.  The instruction calendar and library classrooms book quickly.  

♦ Students get more out of standard library instruction when it's coordinated with an assignment or if it's at a point in the semester when they are starting to research.  So, unless it's a special case, library sessions during the first couple weeks of classes aren't usually the best use of student time. 

♦ Special guest lectures or activities having to do with one of the Frames from the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education can be put together.  We can get creative with topics about fake news, fact-checking, scholarship as conversation, the nature of authority when it comes to information, and more.  Just ask!

♦ Unless it's a special circumstance, professors are encouraged to attend sessions with their students.  Librarians will not take attendance.