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What are they talking about?

Libraries pay for and provide resources that are not "on the Internet." Sometimes terms are used interchangably, but there are important differences

Article   An article is a single piece of writing, shorter than a monograph (book), published in a periodical

Database   An electronic collection of publications that allows users to browse individual titles or to search many all at once. Subject databases are often very expensive and not avialable beyond campus, but they are the best way to see what has been done in a field. A database may be an index or full-text, and might have some of both

Index   Lists of publications which may provide an abstract of an article, but does not provide complete text. Use an index to identify material the library may not own but which you may request through ILLiad

Journal   Publication for specialists in a particular field, often produced by a scholarly society or academic school; almost always peer reviewed

Magazine   Commercial publication for interested non-specialists; rarely peer reviewed, but often a good measure of what matters concern a discipline

Newsletter   Special interest publication of notices and brief summaries of current information, often directed at members of an organization 

Peer review   An editorial process before an article or book is published in which writing is judged to good enough for publication by other people who work in the field; it typically represents a higher standard of ability, accuracy, and professionalism (and therefore reliability and quality) than journalistic or non-peer-reviewed work

Periodical   The catch-all term for publications issued on a regular basis, including journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters, whether in print or in electronic form

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