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Social Work

Social Work is work in any of the services provided by local government for the care of underprivileged people, eg the poor, the aged, people with disabilities, etc. The Chambers 21st Century Encyclopedia

Statista Database


Statista Database is a leading statistics database prepared by 450 statisticians, database experts, and analysts. It provides users with an innovative and intuitive tool for researching quantitative data statistics and related information…
Try it; we did. Using Poverty as the keyword, here are the first 5 "hits" in the results list.  Each "hit" links to statistical data, which come in colorful tables or graphs. These may be used in a project or report. Don't forget to cite.

PolicyMap Database

PolicyMap Database brings sophisticated data, mapping and analytics to fields beyond traditional GIS and planning departments. From public health to sociology and  law, students can use PolicyMap to create maps, reports and analyses to enable a deeper understanding of crucial areas in their fields.

   PolicyMap Tutorials (click here) 

New and Updated Data (added 2018)