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Adulting 101

Just because you never learned how to cook an egg or balance a checkbook, doesn't mean you can't! This guide will show you some life skills needed beyond college.

Job Boards

Office of Career Planning & Development

Did you know that there is a service on campus dedicated to helping students find and prepare for jobs? Career Planning & Development is a fantastic resource that can help you with things like:

  • Mock interviews
  • Find off-campus jobs, internships, and full-time jobs
  • Career exploration and readiness
  • Career fairs
  • Professional development
  • Help with resumes, cover letters, and applications to grad school
  • Captain's Closet, where you can select professional interview attire for free

You can find these helpful folks in room 210 of the Boling University Center, email, or call (731) 881 - 7712

How much money will I make?

Want to know the projected salaries, education levels, and training for your possible careers? Considering a career or major change?