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ENGL 112

Designed for students in Dr. Ean High's ENGL 112, but all sections of ENGL 112 may find useful research resources. Updated spring 2021.

woman researching with books and laptop

Find Scholarly Articles

Databases are collections of resources, often organized by discipline (such as English, agriculture, or business) or format (such as streaming video or news). These databases are huge and great for finding quality sources in just about any topic!

Health and Medicine Resources

Search with keywords and limiters in these specific health databases. Databases are like a filing cabinet, containing tons of information. 

Individual medical journals. If a database is the filing cabinet, the journal is an individual file folder. This file folder contains many pieces of paper, or articles. Use these journals to browse and get topic and keyword ideas.


News sources are considered popular sources. This includes magazines and newspapers, which are called periodicals. However, news fits into other popular categories, such as video broadcasts or websites. Find your news story across multiple outlets to cut down on bias. 

For more help with news sources, including evaluating them, check out our News Research Guide.