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AGRI 240

For students in History of American Agriculture. This Guide is a collection of resources that will be helpful for the final project and presentation. Updated Spring 2020


Agriculture Databases:

General Databases:


For books, the easiest place to start is our PML Search on the library webpage. This tool searches almost everything we have, but you can narrow to just books or ebooks (or any other type of resource) with the limiters on the left side of your screen. 

If you find a physical book, it will have something called a call number. This call number is like an address for where the book lives on the shelf. Books at Paul Meek are arranged by subject, so you may find multiple books on your topic in the same area. We can help you find your book!

call number example for book. Link to library website

Newspapers & Magazines

For more in-depth information on finding and evaluating news sources, check out our News LibGuide.

You can access these magazines online. We have many more popular and trade magazines available. Ask Us for help finding them!

The following magazines are available in print at the Paul Meek Library. They are on the first floor near the new books.

  • Progressive Farmer
  • Feedstuffs
  • Hoard's Dairyman
  • Tennessee Conservationist
  • Tennessee Wildlife

Images & Videos

Interviews & Podcasts

Most of these podcast episodes include interviews with agricultural educators, entrepreneurs, farmers, and other ag supporters.