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Library Scavenger Hunt

Information for students and teachers about participating in and using the Paul Meek Library's scavenger hunt activity.


This activity empowers students to make the library work for them and meet their unique needs by introducing them to library systems and helping them feel more comfortable in the building.  The scavenger hunt improves information literacy by teaching specific skills such as finding digital databases, searching an online catalog, and navigating physical collections.

This self-directed hunt consists of a list of tasks directing students to find and interact with various library resources.  The activity takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.  Students will be asked to provide evidence of their participation in the form of pictures with library materials and answers to trivia questions. 

For Students

Why should I do the scavenger hunt?

  • Have you ever wondered how to add money to your Skyhawk Card or how to find a specific book for a class project? This hunt will answer the most common questions that students ask about using the library and teach you how to find exactly what you need quickly and easily.

When can I take the scavenger hunt?

  • Any time! You are welcome to show up to the library and do the activity at any time without notifying a librarian or scheduling an appointment.

Where do I go to complete the scavenger hunt?

  • You can pick up a copy of the scavenger hunt at the circulation desk, print the PDF, or use the mobile version on your phone.
  • Please be aware this hunt must be completed in person at the Paul Meek Library on the UT Martin campus. If you are looking for an online or distanced-learning alternative, please visit The PML Online Orientation 

How do I complete the scavenger hunt?

  • Simply show up at the library with a copy of the scavenger hunt and follow the clues from one area to the next!  You will need your Skyhawk Card and something to write with. We also recommend picking up a map of the building, which can be found at the front desk.

For Teachers

Why should my students do the scavenger hunt?

  • This scavenger hunt increases information literacy by teaching specific skills such as accessing digital databases, searching an online catalog, and navigating physical collections. When students feel equipped to handle basic research tasks on their own, they will do so more effectively and more frequently, which improves overall academic performance. We strongly encourage you to include this program on your syllabus as a recommended or required activity.

When can my students do the scavenger hunt?

  • The scavenger hunt is designed as a self-directed activity that can be completed by individual students at any time without an appointment at the library. This can be a great extra credit opportunity.
  • We also offer scheduling for teachers who want their students to participate as a whole during a regular class period. In this case, we divide students into smaller teams and provide them with slightly different versions of the hunt in order to facilitate traffic flow throughout the building. If you are interested in this option, please contact the library at 731-881-7092, or email Heidi Busch at or Kathryn Brown at

How do I know if my students completed the scavenger hunt?

  • Students who complete the hunt will receive a physical certificate of completion signed by library staff OR a digital certificate generated by the mobile version. Both print and mobile versions include the same requirements in order to receive credit.