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Personal Librarian Program

Librarians at the Paul Meek Library started offering the Personal Librarian Program in the Fall of 2018 in order to give first-year students more meaningful interactions with librarians.  We work with the FYI program on campus to assign a librarian to each GENS 101 section.  The goal is for each student to have their very own librarian - someone they can turn to for research assistance and who gets to know the student and their projects.  

Personal Librarians are able to help with:

  • Getting started - background research, search terms, etc.
  • Best search tools and resources to use
  • Navigating search tools (PML Search, databases, websites, etc.)
  • Evaluating resources
  • Ethical use of resources (citations, plagiarism, etc.)
  • Even how to better use Google
  • and much more!

Students, PEP Leaders, and GENS 101 professors will receive three emails per semester from a Personal Librarian.  And students (and PEP leaders) are encouraged to schedule one-on-one research consultations with their Personal Librarian.  Schedule as many appointments as you need!