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Personal Librarian Program

For instructors, PEP Leaders, and students in GENS 101. Get help from your very own Personal Librarian!

We began offering the Personal Librarian Program in the Fall of 2018 to give first-year students more meaningful interactions with librarians.  We work with the FYI program on campus to assign a librarian to each GENS 101 section.  The goal is for each first-year student to have their very own librarian - someone they can turn to for research assistance and who gets to know the student and their projects.  

Personal Librarians are able to help with:

  • Getting started (background research, search terms)
  • Best search tools and resources to use
  • Navigating search tools (PML Search, databases, websites, etc.)
  • Evaluating resources
  • Ethical use of resources (citations, plagiarism, copyright)
  • Making the transition to college (understanding academic jargon, being comfortable asking questions, figuring out who to ask)
  • How to use library services and spaces
  • Even how to better use Google
  • And much more!

GENS 101 students, PEP Leaders, and GENS 101 professors receive three emails per semester from a Personal Librarian.  Students (and PEP leaders) are encouraged to schedule one-on-one research consultations with their Personal Librarian.  Schedule as many appointments as you need!