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Interlibrary Loan & ILLiad

A guide to using interlibrary loan and your ILLiad account.


Welcome to Interlibrary Loan Department of the Paul Meek Library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a primarily free borrowing and loaning service. ILL obtains books, articles, book chapters, and other research materials for students, faculty and staff. 

ILLiad is the resource sharing software used by the Paul Meek Library to process all ILL requests. The ILLiad system allows patrons to place ILL requests, track requests, check due dates, renew items, and view ILL borrowing history. Every patron is required to fill out a one-time registration form to set up an ILLiad account. Each item must be requested online at the Library’s website through the patron’s ILLiad account.

  • UTM students, faculty, and staff may submit a maximum of 10 requests per day. Students/staff may have 10 active request and faculty may have up to 50 active request.  An article request is considered active until you receive the material and book request are considered active until you return the item. 
  • Please submit requests in order of priority. 
  • If you are not contacted by the ILL supervisor within two weeks, please reach out.
  • For assistance with ILL, please contact Dana Breland, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor (ILL)

Textbooks for current courses are typically not available through Interlibrary Loan. It is rare to find the edition you need in a library, and the loan periods for ILL books will not cover a full semester’s use. It is a more appropriate use of our ILL budget to borrow materials that support research projects rather than everyday course readings. Encourage your professor to place readings on course reserve.

ILL Patron Responsibilities:

  • Update your information: Email is our primary means of contact to let you know that articles and books you requested have arrived, so please keep your email address up to date and check your email regularly. On occasion we may mail materials to you so it is also important that we have your current mailing address in the system. If you need to update your information you can do that on the Change User Information page located on the Illiad menu.
  • Don’t remove the book band: Returnable ILL items, such as books, videos, etc. often come with a book band attached. This is our means of tracking your materials when they are returned. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS BAND!!
  • Return your books on time: Interlibrary Loan relies heavily on reciprocal agreements and friendly relationships with other libraries. Please return your materials on time so we can continue those positive relationships with the libraries we borrow from. If you need an item beyond the due date, please request a renewal through ILLiad or by contacting the ILL department.
  • Adobe Acrobat: To receive electronically delivered documents you must have up to date Adobe Acrobat software installed on your computer. This is a free download available from Adobe’s web site [].
  • Please be aware the Library pays approximately $15 for each ILL received. Even if an item is lent to us free of charge, the costs for postage, copyright, and staff add up. Please help us keep this a free service by using good judgment when requesting books and articles. *Note: Occasionally the only lenders that own an item request an additional fee.  Our staff will make every effort to locate the item at a library that does not charge but if there are no available options we will contact you and see if you are willing to pay the fee in order to receive the item.

Your Illiad Account

Your ILLiad Account

First Time Users - Register Your ILLiad Account

The first time you log into ILLiad, you will see the New User Registration form.

  • Login will be the same as your UTM portal login.
  • Enter all information requested.
  • Required fields are indicated with an asterisk “*”.
  • The email address you enter must be your UTM email address.  No outside email addresses will be allowed.
  • After entering your user information and reading the copyright statement, click
    the button “Submit Information” at the bottom of the page.
  • If an error has been made, or if all required fields have not been filled out, an
    error message will appear at the top of the page. Complete required fields and
    click “Submit Information” again.

Changing account information

  • If you need to change your account information, login to your ILLiad account and click Change User Information on the ILLiad Main Menu -- Tools.

Contact Us

Dana Breland
Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Phone: (731) 881-7068
ILL Office Hours:
Room 146
Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
When office is closed please ask for assistance at the main circulation desk.

ILLiad Requests & Renewals

How to Submit ILL Requests

To place a request:

  • Login to your ILLiad account.  Will be the same login and password as your UTM portal.
  • Use the Main Menu--New Request options to select the type of interlibrary loan you would like to request.



On the request form:

1. Fill in the required information, such as Title and Author.

2. Click "Submit Request" at the bottom of the form to complete your request.

Receiving Your ILL Materials

Books, Scores, and other physical materials

Books and other physical materials will be available for pick up in the ILL office (room 148) during regular office hours.  If you need assistance evenings or weekends please check at the main circulation desk. You will receive an email notifying you of the ILL materials ready for pick up.

Articles & Book Chapters

Articles and book chapters will be posted as PDF files to your ILLiad account. To access them, login to your ILLiad account and click View/Download Electronically Received Articles. Please note that the PDF file is only accessible for 30 days! If you want to keep the document save the PDF item to your hard drive or a USB drive.

Renew ILL Materials

You may submit a request to renew your ILL materials directly from your Interlibrary loan (ILLiad) account.  Click on the link below to view brief step-by-step instructions on placing renewal requests.

Two key points to keep in mind are:

1.       If you are initiating the renewal request through your ILLiad account, the request must fall within the 7-day window period of the item’s due date.

2.       Your renewal request does not automatically renew the item. Renewals are ONLY granted at the discretion of the lending library.  If a renewal is allowed, the average renewal period is 3 weeks. We will contact you upon our hearing back from the lending library.

You may also request a renewal by emailing or by calling Dana Breland at 731.881.7068.




How do I get materials not available in the Paul Meek Library?
Need to borrow materials not located in the Paul Meek Library? The process (called Interlibrary Loan [ILL]) acquires, for research or study purposes, materials from other libraries who are our research partners.

Who may use these services?
Interlibrary Loan services are available to University of Tennessee at Martin students, faculty, staff and retired emeritus faculty.

How do I request material?
First, log in to the interlibrary loan site - ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan Internet Accessible Database) and complete the account profile. Once your account has been created, you may begin requesting material.

How long does it take?
Interlibrary Loan requests can take from overnight - 4 weeks to fulfill but usually are supplied within 10 days.  Factors which affect delivery include: type of item requested, item availability, and the lending library’s location. Interlibrary loan staff will notify you when an item arrives --you can always check the status of your request(s) by logging into your ILLiad account

How much will it cost?
The Paul Meek Library (PML) has agreements with many libraries and makes every attempt to procure items at minimal or no cost to the user. If lending libraries bill the PML, costs will be passed on to requestors. Requestors can indicate level of costs on the interlibrary loan form.

How long may I keep this material?
Loan periods average 4 weeks --- renewals must be submitted to and approved by the lending library.

What types of materials are not borrowed on interlibrary loan?
Items generally not available are rare books, manuscripts, reference books, text books, genealogical materials, some dissertations and theses (especially foreign), videos, films, slides, whole issues of periodicals, and bulky or fragile materials which are difficult and expensive to mail.

What happens if I lose or damage a borrowed item?
The borrower is financially responsible for any damage or loss of materials from the time an item is picked up until it is returned. Please remember that photocopying may cause damage. If any damage occurs, do not attempt to repair the item.

Who do I contact?

  • Visit Room 148 on the first floor of the Library
  • E-mail:
  • Call: 731-881-7068

Interlibrary loan services are governed by United States copyright laws:



The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material.

Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement.

This institution reserves the right to refuse to accept a copying order if, in its judgment, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright law.


ILL Quick Facts

ILLiad: The software used to manage Interlibrary Loan requests. You must register for an ILLiad account (one-time registration) before you can submit a request.

Due Dates: Are determined by the lending library. The average loan period is 4 weeks.

Renewals: Renewals are ONLY granted at the discretion of the lending library. If a renewal is allowed, the average renewal period is 3 weeks.

Recalls: The lending library may recall Interlibrary Loan materials at their discretion. Recalled materials must be returned to the Paul Meek Library within two (2) days of notification.

Returns: Loan materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to Room 148 in the library or to the main circulation desk.

Overdue items: Failure to return materials by the due date or recall date will result in a blocked ILLiad account and any monetary fines accessed by the lending library will be passed on to the borrower.

Electronic Delivery: All copy requests are delivered as PDF files to your ILLiad account. Be sure to save the PDF file as it will automatically be deleted 30 days after delivery.

Problems: Please contact the Interlibrary Loan department as soon as possible. We will work with the lender to resolve the problem on your behalf.


Who May Request ILL Materials

Those eligible to place an ILL request at the Paul Meek Library are:

    Current and emeritus faculty.

    Currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students.

    All library users must create an ILLiad account to use Interlibrary Loan services.

The conditions of this service are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association and by the regulations of individual lending libraries. All guidelines reflect these conditions and encourage cooperation from everyone for the most effective service.

Materials That May Be Requested

Interlibrary loan requests will be limited to material not owned by the Paul Meek Library.  The department strives to meet the study, instructional, and research needs of UTM faculty, staff, and students.

    A loan or a copy may be requested from another library, although the lending library decides in each case whether or not it will    provide a particular item.

    Missing pages from Library material.

    Users who require extensive use of materials from other institutions will be encouraged to work with a librarian for assistance in arranging access to needed materials.

Materials That Generally May Not Be Requested

Most libraries will NOT ordinarily lend the following types of materials:

    Basic reference material


    Rare or valuable material, including manuscripts

    Bulky or fragile items that are difficult or expensive to ship

    Material in high demand at the lending library

    Material with local circulation restrictions

    Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace

    Books published within the present calendar year

    Audio tapes, maps, software, CD ROM, videos, and sound recordings

    Many libraries will not lend theses or dissertations if they are readily available on microfilm. If the owning library will not lend, the user will be provided with instructions on how to purchase a microfilm copy.

    Materials for class reserves

Number of ILL Requests Allowed

In cases where one patron submits an extremely large number of requests at one time, it may be necessary to pace the processing of these requests in proportion to other incoming requests. For that reason, bulk requests may take somewhat longer. The Interlibrary Loan Department reserves the right to limit the number of items processed for any individual student, faculty, or staff member.

Length of Time for Processing ILL Requests

Turnaround time may be as short as a few hours for articles. Books and some articles may take up to two weeks depending on availability. Turnaround time may be affected by scarcity of sources, distance of sources, holidays and weekends, or incomplete information about the requested item. Requests that must be sent internationally usually take considerably longer.

How To Submit ILL Requests

The Web forms for requests are available at

Students, Faculty and Staff may use this form to request materials not owned by the Library.

Complete one ILL request form for each item needed. Each form must be as complete as possible in order to facilitate handling by other libraries and to ensure prompt and accurate completion of the request.

Required and helpful information about the requested item include the following elements:

Books -   Include book title, author(s)/editor(s), ISBN, publisher and publishing date.

Journal, Magazine, or Newspaper Articles  - Include unabbreviated periodical title, ISSN, author, title of article, volume, issue, date and pages.

Conference Proceedings  -  Include full, unabbreviated conference title and sponsoring body, author, title, publisher, date and pages.

Patent -  Include patent number, issue date (month, day, year), country of origin, patent title and author.

Theses or Dissertations - Include author and title of the work, the university granting the degree and the date of the degree.

Audiovisual Materials  -   Include title, author, date, and producer or company

If you have question or problems please contact the library 731-881-7068 (M-F 8-5) or 731-881-7060 after 5 or weekends.)

Checking the Status of ILL Requests

Most Interlibrary Loan requests are posted within a day of submission. To check on your request, log on to your ILLIad Interlibrary Loan account.

Notification When ILL Materials Are Received

Notification that material has arrived will be communicated by e-mail or phone.

Interlibrary Loan materials should be picked up at the Interlibrary Loan Office - Room 146.  If the office is closed stop by the main circulation desk and ask for assistance.  All items are held for 10 days and are then returned to the lending library.  If other arrangements are needed please call 731-881-7068 and speak directly to the ILL staff.

Articles will be delivered to the library user’s ILLiad account or email.

Interlibrary loan materials are not mailed to library users, unless they reside over 30 miles from the main campus.  If taking courses at off-campus sites we will send the requested item to the center for pickup.

Loan Periods, Renewals, and Returns

The loan time for borrowed material is generally three weeks, but exact dates are indicated on an insert clipped to the material. Renewals may be requested but they are at the discretion of the lending institution. The patron should contact an Interlibrary Loan staff member at (731) 881-7068 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or e-mail

In the interest of maintaining good relations with the lending libraries, due dates must be honored. If a borrower disregards due dates, it may be necessary to place a hold on their patron record and refuse further services.

Materials received as photocopies need not be returned. Return books to the Interlibrary Loan Office if possible. Do not return Interlibrary Loan materials via the library book drop, campus mail, or US mail. Books must have the Interlibrary Loan band in place when returned.

Costs and Fines

Interlibrary loan is provided free of charge to faculty, staff and students.  In a few cases the only library willing to loan an item has an extra charge.  The ILL staff will contact you and explain the fee and ask if you are willing to incur the cost.  Every effort is made to locate a library that is willing to loan the material at no-cost to you.

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged ILL Materials:

Failure to return overdue interlibrary loan items may result in the suspension of both interlibrary borrowing privileges and Paul Meek Library borrowing privileges and a bill for replacement of the item is generated and sent to the UTM Business Office.   Replacement charges are at the discretion of the lending library and may include both the cost of the material and a processing fee.

If a bill for replacement has not been resolved after eight weeks, a hold will be placed on a student’s registration, transcript, or diploma. If a faculty member fails to return an item after being notified that an it is over-due or recalled  the appropriate department head will be notified and the faculty member will have a hold put on their library account.

Off-Campus Students

Off-Campus Student Services

Books: Distance Students are eligible to request circulating items owned by the Paul Meek Library.   If the student/faculty member is associated with classes at one of the Regional Centers the requested material will be mailed to the appropriate center.  If the student/faculty is an online student only and resides more than 30 miles from any of the campus locations the library will mail requested items to their home address if they reside in the continental United States. Additionally, Interlibrary Loan will borrow material that is unavailable in our holdings from other libraries. Please keep in mind that items borrowed from other libraries are first delivered to the Paul Meek Library, before being shipped to your address which will result in a shorter check-out period.  Due to the shorter check-out period, you may want to consider using your local public library ILL department for this service.

PDF Copies of Articles or Book Chapters: Distance Students can request PDF copies of articles and book chapters. These will be scanned and attached to an email notification.

Returns:  You are responsible for returns.  You should return item to the facility where you picked it up.  If it was shipped to you - you are responsible for return postage.  We recommend that you use a courier with tracking and insurance so that you are not charged for books lost in return shipment.

Please address packages to:

Paul Meek Library - ILL
University of Tennessee at Martin
10 Wayne Fisher Drive
Martin, TN 38237

For shipping questions, call us at 731-881-7068.


Your Illiad Account

PML doesn't have the book? Article isn't available in full text? UTM students, staff and faculty can ask the Interlibrary Loan Department to find it for you. Remember to leave enough lead time!

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