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a branch of science that deals with composition of matter

We organize print books by Library of Congress Call Number - a series of letters and numbers.  Look on the second floor for books covering these topics.

  • QD is the basic area for Chemistry
    • QD 71 Analytical Chemistry
    • QD 146  Inorganic Chemistry
    • QD 241 Organic Chemistry
    • QD 415   Biochemistry
    • QD 450   Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
    • QD 901   Crystallography

Reference books are resources like encyclopedias and dictionaries that give an overview of a specific topic.  We have both print and electronic reference books for you to use.

We have many eBooks related to Chemistry.  The easiest way to locate eBooks is to use PML Search.  Then when you get you get your results limit to eBooks using the limiters on the left hand side of the screen. Use the search box on the left to get started...

We have lots of videos relating to Chemistry, both streaming and in DVD format, for you to use.