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SOIL 430/630

Resources for students in Dr. Gale's Soil Science 430 and 630 classes. Find quality sources and learn about the research process.

marsh with water and trees

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels. Licensed for reused and modification under a Creative Commons License. 

Peer-Reviewed Sources

Databases are made up of journals, which contain articles. These databases are a good place to start searching for peer-reviewed scientific articles. Brainstorm some keywords and play around with your combinations. I can help you find a good database and brainstorm keywords. Examples:

playa; dry lake; salina; playa OR salina; playa plants; playa vegetation; playa soil; playa Mexico; playa AND (rainfall OR evaporation OR water table) 


If you aren't sure what to select for your topic or what to focus on, start by browsing some articles in wetlands and water journals. Note that some journals may not have all issues available here at UTM, but you can request anything through Interlibrary Loan. 

Interlibrary Loan

If you find an article we don't have, we can get it from another library for FREE. Articles usually take 2-3 business days.