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PLSC 365

Resources for students in Dr. Wolter's Greenhouse Management. Updated spring22.

Library Worksheet

Government Publications

To find government publications, you can use one of the links below or run a Google search for "CROP gov" or "CROP government publication". Look for the .gov. 

Extension Publications

Extension publications are written by scientists, researchers, professors, extension agents, and other individuals working for a university. They are backed by quality scientific evidence, but they are meant for a broad audience. They often look more like magazines, with images and bright colors. They are designed to help disseminate scholarly knowledge to farmers and practitioners around the state. Extension publications come from land-grant universities, such as the University of Tennessee Knoxville or the University of Kentucky.

Look for the .edu. 

To find extension publications, you can use one of the links below or run a Google search for "extension publication CROP".