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FCS 100

A course guide for students in FCS 100. Updated Fall 2020..

Start Here - PML Search

PML Search

PML Search is a useful way to search for library resources. It helps you find things quickly and easily. PML Search includes the library catalog (such as books, ebooks, and videos) as well as most of the databases (where you will find scholarly articles).

Best Bets


Select "Family and Consumer Sciences" from the subject dropdown menu on the A-Z Databases list to view more useful databases. 

You may also consider other subjects that are tied to Family and Consumer Sciences, such as business and education.

The "Popular Databases" on the right side of this screen are also useful. These are databases that cover a lot of information in many subject areas, not just Family and Consumer Science. You might return to these databases for many classes and assignments. 


You can click the image below to go to the A-Z Databases page.

A-Z database list and subject databases