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COMM 230

Resources for students in Public Speaking courses. Updated Spring 2021.

Great Websites

Evaluating websites is critical. There's a lot of good information on the open web, but there's also a lot of stuff that isn't credible, valuable, or true. If you ever need help determining if a particular website is a good source, chat with us and ask for help! 

When evaluating websites, consider:

  • Author credibility and expertise. Do you still trust a website with no author?
  • Date 
  • Citations and where they got their information
  • Bias
  • Audience, purpose, and scope
  • Publisher or source title
  • Can you verify it in other places?

Google the website. Google the author. Google the publication. Google any claims that seem suspicious. Read with an extremely critical eye. Look closely at the data, charts, and statistics. And when in doubt, check with a librarian!



Politics and the Economy: