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Physics & Astronomy: Getting started

Departmental links

Four Tiers of Scientific Information

Primary documentation:

  • Study data
  • Lab notes
  • Experiment results records

Original literature:

  • Journal articles (including preprints)
  • Patents
  • Conference proceedings
  • Dissertations & theses
  • Technical reports

Repackaged/organized information:

  • Bibliographies
  • Citation indices with abstracts
  • Catalogs

Guides to primary & secondary literature:

  • Fact books (handbooks)
  • Citation-only indices
  • Almanacs
  • Reference books

Search @ the Library

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Using this guide

Scholarship in both physics and astronomy is heavily dependent on articles rather than books, making articles the chief source for knowledge in the field

Library Guides like this one provide a beginning point for finding information and research within a specific field. Click one of the tabs across the top of the guide to find links to data

Basic reference sources