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Census Data: Home

U.S. Bureau of the Census data from recent Censuses, including: population, housing, social characteristics, agriculture, business and economy.

Popular Census Sites

U.S. Census Bureau (homepage)  

Links to several broad categories: People & Households, Business & Industry, Geography, Newsroom and Special Topics.  Search windows for states, counties, city/town and zip.  Also QuickFacts and a Population Clock for the USA & World.

American FactFinder

Your source for population, housing,economic, and geographic data.  Links to 2010 and 2000 Decennial Censuses.  Link to 2007 Economic Census.  Reference Maps.  Census Tracts.

2010 Decennial Census

Constantly updated site for the Decennial Census of 2010.

American Housing Survey

American Housing Survey reports and tables.  Most recent data on the American Housing Survey for the past 6 months.  Also links to other agencies or organizations which provide American Housing Survey data and information.

Economic Censuses and Surveys

Economic Census data from 2007, 2002 and 1997.  Detailed statistics include Core Business Statistics, Economic Census data sets by sector, data sets by geography, industry/product, or item and Related Annual Economic Surveys (Annual Survey of Manufactures, Business Patterns, Nonemployer Statistics, etc.)



Everyone needs a little direction occasionally


American Community Survey.

A nationwide survey designed to provide communites a fresh look at how they are changing.  1-Year, 3-Year and 5-Year estimates and explainations are available for the 1st decade of this century.


Tennessee QuickFacts (U.S. Census Bureau) 

Statistics for Tennessee population, housing, business compared to U.S. on one page.

U.T. Center for Business & Economic Research.  Data Series

University of Tennessee's site for data series, includes: Census data & information, Tennessee economy, poverty data, maps by county with Census Tract & Block outlines, educational data, etc.

U.T. CBER.  Current Publications and Current Economic Indicators

Economic and other statistics for Tennessee and the U.S.



Data Ferrett

DataFerrett is a data analysis and extraction tool to customize federal, state, and local data to suit your requirements. Using DataFerrett, you can develop an unlimited array of customized spreadsheets that are as versatile and complex as your usage demands then turn those spreadsheets into graphs and maps without any additional software.

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