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Communications: Think Tanks

The Department of Communications offers a major and minor that prepare you for a wide range of media and communication-related careers.

What are think tanks?

Think Tanks

  Think Tanks - A group or institution organized for
   intensive research and solving of problems, especially
   in the areas of technology, social or political strategy,
   or armament. 
The Free Dictionary-

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Articles on Think Tanks

Summary Article on Think Tanks
from Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Good Articles on Think Tanks
from Culture wars in America: An encyclopedia of issues, viewpoints, & voices

from Encyclopedia of American Studies

Think Tanks - Internet Resources

U.S. Department of State - List of 60 think tanks used by the Government to gather foreign policy information:

World Press Organization - List of International think tanks and research organizations:

The 50 Most Influential Think Tanks in the United States -

Specialized Search Engines for Think Tanks (Google Created)

Policy Find - A Custom Google Search of the leading policy research organizations on the following topics: Climate, Economy, Development, Foreign Policy, Health, Public Policy.  Just click on the topic bar.

Harvard Kennedy School Library - Specialized Google Search Engine for over 590 think tanks and research centers.  Choose
U.S. Think Tanks or Non-U.S. think tanks by region, 
(permission granted to use link)

Think Tank Search - Custom Google Search

Think Tanks - Index

McGann's (2015) Think Tank Index:

Think Tanks categorized by:

  • Geographic region
  • Research area
    • Defense and National Security
    • Economic Policy
    • Energy & Resource
    • Environmental Policy
    • Foreign Policy & International Affairs
    • Domestic Health Policy
    • Global Health
    • International Development
    • International Economics
    • Science & Technology
    • And more.
  • Special achievement
    • Best Advocacy Campaign
    • Best For-Profit
    • Best Government Affiliated
    • Best Managed
    • Most Significant Impact on Public Policy
    • Best Think Tank Network
    • And more.

Thinking about think tanks