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Dietetics: NUTR 433 Nutrition in Disease

The science of the principles of nutrition and their application in the pursuit of health. Dietetics includes the scientific selection of meals for people with digestive, metabolic and malnutritional disorders. The Collins Dictionary of Medicine

Finding Articles in PubMed

To begin searching in PubMed, type a search term in the top box and click the blue Search button. 

You can refine your search by using the limiters on the left hand side of the screen.

Clicking on a title of an article will produce the abstract and more information about the article. 

To see if we have the journal in our library copy the title of the journal.  It will be abbreviated, just run your mouse over the abbreviation to get the full title.  Then go to our Find Journals box on the first library page.  

Type the title of the journal in the search box and click on Search.

You will then find a list of databases where you can access the journal and find the article you are looking for. 


These are some great short videos relating to how to search in PubMed: