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Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and experience. Through systematic observation and research, psychologists attempt to explain how and why human beings act and react to the world around them. World of Sociology, a Gale product.

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Psychology Videos in FILMS on DEMAND DATABASE

The Films on Demand database contains 149 Psychology Film Series and 2,343 films in total.  Select from the list of categories and sub-categories below to see the wealth of subject specific films in the field of Psychology.

Abnormal Psychology (603)

All Abnormal Psychology

Childhood & Life-Span Disorders

Dissociative & Somatoform Disorders

Eating Disorders

Mood Disorders & Suicide

Personality Disorders

Schizophrenia & Delusional Disorders

Sexual & Gender Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Stress & Anxiety Disorders

Substance Abuse, Dependence & Impulse Control 

Survey: Abnormal Psychology

Applied Psychology (370)

All Applied Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Counseling & Therapy

Criminal Psychology

Educational Psychology

Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Survey: Applied Psychology

Biological Psychology (479)

All Biological Psychology

Motivation & Emotion

Sensation & Perception

Sleep & Biological Rhythms

Survey: Biological Psychology

The Brain & Nervous System

Cognitive Psychology (274)

All Cognitive Psychology

Language & Intelligence

Learning & Memory

Developmental Psychology (413)

All Developmental Psychology

Adult Development

Child & Adolescent Development

Death & Dying

Survey: Developmental Psychology

Gender & Sexuality (146)

All Gender & Sexuality


Human Sexuality

Introduction to Psychology (153)

All Introduction to Psychology

Psychologists & Research

Social, Ethical & Legal Issues

Survey: Psychology

Social Psychology (432)

All Social Psychology

Attraction & Close Relationships

Family Systems

Social Behavior

Social Influences & Group Dynamics

Stereotypes & Prejudice

Survey: Social Psychology

The Social Self