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Visual and Theatre Arts: Visual Arts Reference Books

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About Reference

Reference Books include encyclopedias, dictionaries, style guides and directories. These types of books may be useful as you are establishing historical and theoretical background knowledge, understanding disciplinary terminology, and fact-checking.


Reference Books are located on the first floor. Items in the Reference collection are for use in the building only and may not be checked out.



KIC Machine

Free scanning!

Located on the First floor are two machines called the KIC Scanners. They allow students to make copies and save them to a flash drive or email them to themselves to print off at a different location. This service is free.


Photocopiers are available on both floors.    The photocopier located on the 1st floor uses both coins and the magnetic card reader.   Students must have money on their SkyHawk cards to use the 2nd floor copier.  The change machine is now on the First Floor across from the copier against one of the pillars.  Copies are 10¢/page.

Helpful Hints

Unless otherwise noted, the books listed on this page are available in the Paul Meek Reference Collection, shelved on the first floor. These books may be used in the library, but may not be checked out.

Some of the titles listed here are multi-volume sets, while others are single volumes. Use the index at the back of the book (or in the last volume of a set) to find entries relevant to your research.

Ask a reference librarian if you need any assistance with your research.

New Books