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Modern Foreign Languages: French

Faculty and Instructors

Lucia Florido
Associate Professor
427 F Holt Humanities Building

New French Books in our Library

Browse the shelves

Sometimes wandering the shelves is useful. If you can find one book on a topic, others like it will be sitting on the same shelf.  Be sure to look in both the Reference collection on the first floor for general helps like encyclopedias, and in the circulating collection on the second floor for books you can take with you. These numbers work for most other academic libraries as well.

PC2001-3761     French language

PQ1-3999     French literature 
     PQ1-771 History and criticism
     PQ845 Juvenile literature
     PQ1100-1297 Collections
     PQ1300-1595 Old French literature
     PQ1600-2726 Modern literature
     PQ3800-3999 Provincial, local, colonial, etc.

For more in-depth information, see Library of Congress Classification Outline: Class P