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Modern Foreign Languages: Placement Information

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Placement Information

Modern Foreign Language Programs

Placement & Retro Credit for Proficiency


Here is what our catalog says

PLACEMENT: Students who entered with two or more high school units of Spanish or French, and who wish to continue in the same language, will take the department's placement exam and, based on the results of that exam, will be advised to enroll in 115 or a more advanced class. Continuing students in German, Japanese, and Portuguese may start with 122 or a more advanced class, depending on their score on the placement exam. Students who enroll in 111 to remove a deficiency will receive elective credit for that course.

CREDIT FOR FOREIGN LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Students who enter with proficiency in a foreign language and who place into 122 or above will earn, upon completion of their entry-level class with a B or better, up to eight hours of credit (graded P for Pass), for the classes they have skipped (that is, the one or two classes immediately preceding their entry-level class). Students who earn a D or C in their entry-level class will receive credit for this class only.


Students can also earn up to 12 hours of credit (graded P) by taking a CLEP test, depending on their score on this nationally normed test. CLEP guidelines will be followed in assigning credit. Additionally, students can receive credit for passing an Advanced Placement test. College Board guidelines are followed in assigning AP credit. In no case will students be awarded more than a total of 12 hours of credit by departmental placement, CLEP, or Advanced Placement.

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