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Federal Government Documents: Patents and Trademarks

General Information

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is a federal agency of the U. S. Department of Commerce and has a strong website featuring a search engine to help identify patents and trademarks. It also contains full text of all U.S. patents, including the art work. Issued patents are available full-text since 1976, full-page images since 1790. Patent applications are available since 15 March 2001. Also available here is access to the Trademark Electronic Search System, TESS, which contains more than 3 million pending, registered and dead federal trademarks.

 useful for research on patents and trademarks. Some are available in print and others are available in an online version.

  • Index to the U.S. Patent classification.

available in an online version at:

Alphabetical list of subject headings referring to specific classes and subclasses; this is the best place to start for those unfamiliar with patent classification. 
  • Manual of classification.
Available in an online version at:

Lists all classes and subclasses of inventions. Includes subject index.
  • U.S. Patent Classification System classification definitions as of ...

available in an online verstion at:

Describes new and revised classes and subclasses and changes in patent classification.

  • Electronic Official Gazette (eOG:P).

The current 52 weeks is available and maintained in an online version at:


    Depository Info

    This library is a Congressionally designated depository for U.S Goverment documents. Public access to the Goverment documents is guaranteed by public law(Title 44 U.S.C).