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English: Poetry

Recording tools

Here a few tools that poets can use to record their work to share online or at least hear how their poems sound when read aloud.

Poetry Books in our Library (we have others as well...ask at the Information Desk)

Reference Sources

The Poet’s Dictionary: A Handbook of Prosody and Poetic Devices. (REF. PN 44 .5 .P3 1989). William Packard. 1989.
Definitions of terms with examples.

Poetry Handbook: A Dictionary of Terms. (REF. PN 44 .5 .D4 1974b). Babette Deutsch. 4th Ed. 1974.
Explanations of poetry techniques such as rhyme, meter, technique, etc.

The Longman Dictionary of Poetic Terms. (REF. PN 1042 .M94 1989). Jack Myers and Michael Simms. 1989.
This dictionary attempts to define a critical vocabulary for the poet and the student of poetry.

The Teacher & Writers Handbook of Poetic Forms. (REF. PN 1042 .T43 2000). Edited by Ron Padgett. 2 nd Ed. 2000.
A poetics reference book for novice writers and students, this book contains 77 entries by 19 writers on selected poetic forms.

The Princeton Handbook of Poetic Terms. (REF. PN 1042 .P75 1986). Edited by Alex Preminger. 1986.
Emphasizes prosodic and poetic terms likely to be encountered in many different areas of literary study. The articles in this book are drawn from the New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, but the Handbook focuses on the specific subject areas of poetics, rhetoric, genre, and criticism.

The Princeton Handbook of Multicultural Poetries. (REF. PN 1021 .N932 1996). Edited by T.V.F. Brogan. 1996.
A complete survey of poetic history and praxis in every major national literature or cultural tradition in the world. This handbook is another specialized title drawn from the New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics.