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Geosciences (earth and planetary sciences): Books

"Geosciences" is a broad term that includes both the physical world and universe around it. This page provides merely basic places to being a research thread

I need help searching. . . .


Finding too much on your topic?  Not finding anything on your topic?  Are you using the best keywords and concepts to describe what you're looking for? Try a brainstorm for other terms.

Start or refine a search by thinking of different words and phrases that describe your topic. Write down what you think would be the title of "the perfect" book or article. Pick important words from what you have written and use those in the search box (skip articles like "the" and modifiers like "greatest").

If you're still having trouble getting started, try reading a few subject-encyclopedia articles.  Look for important words used in the article and the different ways an idea is described.  Also check out the Reference List or Works Cited section of the article more ideas or citations.

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Want to make your search even better and faster?  Check out these short videos below (from Furman Scibrary).  Guess what--they work in every subject.

Search @ the Library

Search the catalog for print and e-title items in the library collection

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Browse the shelves

To browse the shelves for books on a specific topic, pull down the tabs on the Meteorology, Geology, or Geography tab above and scroll down to the "Browse the shelves" box

Historical material

A cooperative digital library of full-text publications dating 1450-present