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Geosciences (earth and planetary sciences): Geology 110 & 110H

"Geosciences" is a broad term that includes both the physical world and universe around it. This page provides merely basic places to being a research thread

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Browse the shelves

Sometimes wandering the shelves is useful. If you can find one book on a topic, others like it will be sitting on the same shelf.  Be sure to look inboth the Reference collection on the first floor for general helps like encyclopedias, and in the circulating collection on the second floor for books you can take with you. These numbers work for most other academic libraries as well


Class G            Geography. Maps. Anthropology. Recreation

subclass GB  Physical geography

GB51+ General works, treatises, and advanced textbooks

 GB400+ Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain

GB651+ Hydrology. Water

GB2801+ Hydrometeorology

Class Q            Science

subclass QE Geology

QE351+ Mineralogy

QE420+ Petrology

QE500+ Dynamic and structural geology

QE640+ Stratigraphy

QE701+ Paleontology

QE782+ Paleozoology

QE901+ Paleobotany

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