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Geosciences (earth and planetary sciences): Geology

"Geosciences" is a broad term that includes both the physical world and universe around it. This page provides merely basic places to being a research thread

Electronic journals

Print journals

Tennessee references

Cool stuff

Face it--we all love a list of cool things. These are entertaining as well as informative

Basic reference

Most geology books will be found under class numbers G and QE, both in Reference and the circulating stacks


Encyclopedias provide short summaries and explanations of individual topics. They are good places to begin when trying to understand a topic or assignment


Maps may be either flat sheets or parts of reports. Sheet maps are catalogued individually in the library catalogue. but most are housed in Johnson EPS room 215. Report maps are not catalogued but are usually bound in the volumes they supplement

Government Information

U.S. Geologic Survey publication series include fundamental work on the physical environment: earth landforms, natural, environmental, and biological research. 

The library holds many print copies in Gov Docs on the first floor, and the most recent ones are available digitally

Tenn. Div. of Geology

Tennessee documents are located in the WTHSC. Sign in for admission

Geology education