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Music: Articles

What are they talking about?

Libraries pay for and provide resources that are electronically accessible but that cannot be found with a Web browser or "on the Internet." Knowing these terms will help as you look for articles in your subject

Abstract   Short summary of an article's methods and findings, written to help researchers decide quickly if the article is relevant to their interest

Article   Single piece of writing by one or more authors, shorter than a monograph (book), published in a periodical

Citation   Publication data for a published item which allows a reader to identify the source; sometimes accompanied by an abstract

Database   An electronic collection of publications that allows users to browse individual titles or to search many all at once. Subject databases are often very expensive and not avialable beyond campus, but they are the best way to see what has been done in a field. A database may be either an index or full-text, and might have both kinds of entries

Full-text   Includes an electronic copy of the actual article. Depending on the database, the article may be available in HTML format, PDF format (displays the article as it originally appeared in the periodical with, layout and graphics), or both.

Index   Lists of article citations which may provide an abstract of an article, but does not provide complete text. Use an index to identify material the library may not own but which you may find in another database or request through ILLiad

Journal   A periodical produced for specialists in a particular field, often produced by a scholarly society or academic school; almost always peer reviewed

Limiter   Any of several database functions that narrow a results list, often by using controlled terms, dates, or sources

Magazine   Commercial periodical publication for interested non-specialists or casual professional reading; rarely peer reviewed, but often a good measure of what matters concern a profession, discipline, or interest group

Newsletter   Special-interest periodical of notices and brief summaries of current information, often directed at members of an organization 

Peer review   An editorial process before an article or book becomes accessible (published), in which writing is judged to be good enough for publication by other people who work in the field; it typically represents a higher standard of ability, accuracy, and professionalism (and therefore reliability and quality) than journalistic or non-peer-reviewed work

Periodical   The catch-all term for publications issued on a regular basis, including journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters, whether in print or in electronic form

General music databases

Databases provide full-text access to articles in journals and magazines

I need help searching. . . .


Finding too much on your topic?  Not finding anything on your topic?  Are you using the best keywords and concepts to describe what you're looking for? Try a brainstorm for other terms.

Start or refine a search by thinking of different words and phrases that describe your topic. Write down what you think would be the title of "the perfect" book or article. Pick important words from what you have written and use those in the search box (skip articles like "the" and modifiers like "greatest").

If you're still having trouble getting started, try reading a few subject-encyclopedia articles.  Look for important words used in the article and the different ways an idea is described.  Also check out the Reference List or Works Cited section of the article more ideas or citations.

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Want to make your search even better and faster?  Check out these short videos below (from Furman Scibrary).  Guess what--they work in every subject.

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General databases w/ music content

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Journals (research tools)

Finding out what has been presented in journals is the pupose of an index. Journals available through the library's database subscriptions will also provide a link to the full text; journals we don't hold are accessible (with a little planning) via ILLiad

Print journals

Remember the library has journals in hard copy as well. Some titles are listed on the links above.

All print journals are listed in the catalogue. Choose <Periodical> from the <Keyword> menu link on the catalogue and enter a title. Of course, you can also wander the bound periodical shelves on the second floor. Start with the M call numbers