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Nurses "are guided by an ethical & humanitarian philosophy in which every human being deserves respect, regardless of racial, social, cultural, sexual, economic, religious, or other factors." (Mosby, Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, & Health Professions)

Books on Nursing Careers

201 Careers in Nursing

Each nursing career comes with descriptions, educational requirements, & requisite skills; For each career, information is provided about certification & salaries; this book features interviews with nurses in academia & practice work settings.

Your First Year as a Nurse

Your new career -- Supervisors, getting help -- Patients, families, & doctors -- Staying connected -- Challenges -- The good stuff -- Taking your career to the next level -- Stereotypes, annoyances, & myths -- Professional practice issues -- Trends & opportunities -- More...

A Man's Guide to a Nursing Career

This guide discusses strategies for dealing with a rigorous nursing curriculum compounded by the challenges of anti-male sentiment that is sometimes present. It takes the reader from day one of nursing school through the licensing exam and also addresses the specific needs of second-degree and accelerated program students.